Continuing on means being faithful to the actions of where my feet are today—whether walking three steps forward or even two steps back. It's a winding path of trial and error—taking the initiative, dreaming big, but starting small and acting on it daily. It's realizing that every faithful interaction toward your passion is a piece of a grander story, but you live them out one at a time.

But we're on the trail toward that mountain peak, and let’s stay committed to getting there with everyone else who is on that same mission. So on the days when our feet hurt or the pack is heavy and we just want to turn around, let’s keep ourselves focused on the destination while at the same time celebrating the mile marks or even celebrating more steps in front of us.

Because life ought not be a sprint. Let’s keep dreaming while also pacing ourselves, and simply choosing to take a few more steps every day.

- Jenna Lee Nardella


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