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A Day to Be Off

Most people think that Pastors only work one day a week – Sunday. So, in their mind the gig must be good. Just download a sermon from the internet and you got it made. Anyone who seriously thinks that is welcome to take a week and be Mr. Minister. You’ll soon find that there is more work than week.
From time to time we all must take some time to ourselves and get away from the desk, workbench or wherever you earn your pay. It is a time to get away and refocus. If you are lucky you have someone you want to refocus with and that person in my life is my best friend and lovely bride Julie. She is a teacher and before you say that they also have it made I recommend you get ready to be punched. Teachers are some of the hardest working least appreciated people in this world. Mike Rowe should have included them in an episode of Dirty Jobs. Thankfully she had a day off the other weekend and we decided it was time for Mom and Dad to go be Julie and Brian, so we went to a little town in Central …