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Astronomers from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) have scrutinized 100,000 galaxies for signs of life – the most exhaustive such study ever undertaken – and recently published their results in the prestigious Astrophysical Journal. What did they find? Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Score one more failure for those who believe that life generally and human life specifically are nothing miraculous – that given enough time, life inevitably materializes on its own. "These galaxies are billions of years old,” explains Jason Wright, one of the PSU researchers quoted in a recent news article, “which should have been plenty of time for them to have been filled with alien civilizations, if they exist.” Plenty of time, indeed. Other recent and ongoing attempts to find signs of extraterrestrial life have come up empty handed as well. The discovery since 2007 of fast radio bursts (FRB) seemingly from deep space and evincing a certain mathematical pattern created a paroxysm of real excitement. …